February 2015

So finally we reached February and the Agility season has started with the Valentine Hare and Hounds Show at Richmond Equestrian Centre. Not much training of my own dogs done at the start of the month as recovering from a sprained ankle but lots of focus work and start line reinforcement done with the clicker. Cleverpawz Agility Club classes full again and another waiting list started ready for the move to evening classes after Easter.

The Hare and Hounds Valentine show was Wizz’s first KC show and it was a rollercoaster ride of a weekend. Our places from this weekend were Bailey one 3rd and four clears, Jet one 3rd and one 5th, Bon Bon three clears, Barack one 2nd and two clears, Nell one clear and Wizz one 7th. I was ecstatic over Wizz’s 7th place which he got for his first ever clear round in jumping.

On the training side I have been focusing on teaching Rear Crosses vs Front Crosses at Cleverpawz Agility Club this month. Some really promising results from all the members, learning when to put these in, and how to choose one over the other. Personally I have made a breakthrough with Wizz’s front crosses following push rounds back of jumps. He has now learnt to gather his stride and land in front of me without taking my legs out. J Also putting into practice some distance handling techniques learned from the brilliant Joanne Orrell this Month.

I decided this month to try to improve my overall fitness level too as my dogs are getting fitter and faster all the time so I joined CrossFit Glacier training centre and started to eat clean (raw fruit, nuts, seeds and veg) and no processed food. After three sessions I have managed a personal best of 15KG on the squat thrust and can do a decent amount of reps of burpees, skips, sit-ups and 20m sprints. My personal fitness new goal is to be able to do 1 unassisted pull up.

Looking forward to some great sessions in March with Katherine Mcaleese from Mind to Win, Katie Long and Jess Clarehugh and entering the Wyre Championship Agility Show and running Bailey, Jet and Bon Bon in the Crufts Champ Qualifier. Good luck and see you all there.