The Agility Addiction continues...

One Happy Wizz

What a fantastic start to June. I got my acceptance letter from Dog A.I.D (Assistance in Disability) to become a recognised registered trainer. I am very excited about this voluntary role and can’t wait to see my first client.

North Derby was red hot and so was Wizz, getting 10th and 11th in Large Agility combined 1-4 and Large Jumping graded 1-3 J. I think the heat was a shock to the spaniels who didn’t much like running in it, hopefully they will get acclimatised over the next few weeks.

Otley was another hot weekend and very humid. It was a lovely laid back show in which we managed to get lots of clear rounds, Jet getting a 4th in jumping g7, Bailey a 3rd in agility g7 and Wizz a 3rd in Agiltygrade 3 (his highest place yet). Nell also seemed a lot more relaxed and did some fantastic runs surprising me with her speed and distance work. Now I know what she is capable of, I plan to walk courses with a different approach to try to accommodate her new found skills.

Had a fantastic time at Newton Health Champ Show, trying out lots of new techniques and distance handling and getting some blazing E’s. My little ones did exceptionally well getting 4th with Bailey, 6th with Bon Bon and 11th with Barack in the Champ Final and gaining points for the Crufts singles with Bailey. Nell also managed a 9th in Large comb 4-5 in a really large class.

My polytunnel has started to produce again and I have had my first taste of this years Chard, Kale and new potatoes. It tastes so much better when you have grown it yourself. The dogs love the fresh veg too.

Looking forward to the Freymor training camp next month and the July shows Lune Valley Teams in which we have 5 teams entered, East Lothian Champs, Weardale Champs and Cornforth, ….. See you all there, barbecues here we come :)

One happy Wizz