Another summer season drawing to a close.

What a great end to the outdoor agility season, with the last two one day shows at South Durham and Wilton. Very chilly and foggy starts, you could hardly see across the courses but gradually, as the sun rose it began to clear. I used South Durham show to reinforce all the contacts and weaving I knew I would need for the teams the following day, still managed a couple of places too.

First up at Wilton was the small teams, our Cleverpawz Even Shorter team put in a valiant effort despite having to pull in reserves, then it was the turn of the Cleverpawz Shorties. Four dogs ran and four clears, a fantastic result finishing 3rd overall with a rosette for each member of the team. After the medium teams came the large teams. Unfortunately we had to pull out the Cleverpawz Even Taller team as we had some pull-outs but our Cleverpawz Tallies team did really well. None of us got eliminated and we finished 7th overall not bad considering it was the first time we had run in that configuration.

After the excitement of the teams we relaxed a bit and did our normal runs, and what a surprise that turned out to be. Nell got 2nd in Grade 5 agility beaten by 1 second and then went on to win the grade 5 jumping. As if that wasn’t excitement enough Wizz went on to win his very first grade 4 jumping after only two shows competing at grade 4. What a way to finish the outdoor season.

So it’s back to training for my lot, putting right all the bad habits I have developed over the competing season, especially letting the start line wait slip with Wizz, and not correcting the odd contact self-release. Back to clicker training for me.

Had a great time at the Sarah Whitehead seminar where we watched loads of case study videos of the language of dogs. It has given me such a lot to think about and study over the Winter.

I am also studying for my KCAI over the Winter getting ready for my assessment. Hopefully I’ll have more time to focus on my 1 to 1 training, having most weekends free now and be able to help a lot more clients out over the next few months.

I’ll keep you all updated on how the training is going and hopefully see you at some of the fun days over the Winter.


Lucy and the gang 🙂