Mad March

What a hectic but great month March has been. As you know I have been away on residential training and it has been really exciting, two more months left on this. I have managed to get back for all the shows I planned to run in and had some fab results from Crooked Oak and Phase Purple. 

Bailey got two 2nd,  3rd and 4th

Barack got 2nd and two 3rds

Bon Bon got 3rd

Jet got 1st, 2nd and 4th

Nell got 1st in her first Champ run

Wizz got 1st and 2nd taking him from Beginners to Novice. 

Wyre Champs was a very long day, getting up at 4am to arrive at the show at 7:30 but it was all worth it. Bailey manages to get through to the Champ Final out of 87 dogs and did a fantastic run despite me miscuing and sending him off course. We finally arrived home at 10:30pm. 

So pleased to have my dogs qualified for the Breerock Final in April. Bailey, Jet, Bon Bon, and Barack have made it through to grade 7 final, Nell to the Large Grade 5 and Chester to the Anysize. 

I have completed all the Team entries for Lune Valley. We have 5 teams this year, 3 large and two small. Sadly we don’t have a medium this year. 

Shows we plan to attend over the next few weeks are Adams at Catton Hall, the Breerock Final, Agility Antics at Bakewell and Woodside Championship Show. 

Happy Jumping and see you all soon.

Lucy and the gang 🙂